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600ml lubricant Aerosol for Corrosion and Rust protection [WD-40]
600ml lubricant Aerosol for Corrosion and Rust protection [WD-40]

Multi-Purpose Aerosol Spray

Multi-Purpose Aerosol Spray
600ml lubricant Aerosol for Corrosion and Rust protection
Part No: WD-40
295.50 ZAR
for 1 Each
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A multi-purpose product which actively displaces water leaving an electrically non-conductive barrier


  • Penetrates rust and corrosion by capillary action, loosening rusted parts
  • Protects metal against rust and corrosion
  • Cleans away grease and grime
  • Leaves a protective film of lubricant
  • Smart Straw/Spray option allows use as either a normal spray or precision stream


  • Application : Corrosion Protection, Rust Protection
  • Category : Rust Removal
  • Lubricant Type : Petroleum
  • Package Size : 600 ml
  • Package Type : Aerosol


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