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Tips By Example

Match Exact Part Number or Keyword:
Match Partial Part Number or Keyword:
Match Similar Part Number or Keyword:
Match Any Keyword:
2.2uf 3.3uf 50v smd tantalum capacitor
Products with all six keywords will be returned first (in this case there should be none), but then 2.2uF 50V SMD Tantalum Capacitors and 3.3uF 50V SMD Tantalum Capacitors will follow. This is the simplest way to search, where a complete match will be on top of the results.
Match Both Keywords:
digital AND multimeter
If AND is missing, an OR is assumed, and you'll still see digital multimeters on top of the results, but will be followed by analog multimeters and other digital products. If for some reason you want to search for the word AND, you can enclose them in double-quotes (ex: "and receiver").
Search for Exact Phrase:
"SD Card"
Search for 7" Monitor:
7"" Monitor
Use two double-quotes for searching with the double-quote character.
All rocker switches, but not the red ones:
rocker switches NOT red
Fluke products with neither analog nor digital Keywords:
NOT (analog OR digital) fluke
OR is implied, so NOT (analog digital) fluke should give the same results.
Notes: Do NOT start any keyword with *, ~, AND or OR, unless enclosed in double-quotes.
Make sure to close any open double-quotes.
You can use "Filters" on search results to drill down further into the results.