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Development Board Enclosures

Development Board Enclosures

Hammond Manufacturing has further extended its family of design-specific plastic enclosures for housing small form factor development boards with the introduction of the HAMAR, configured for the Arduino Leonardo, M0 Pro, Uno or Yun; and the HAMBB, optimised for the BeagleBone Green.

All models are based on the general purpose 1593 Series, and are supplied ready to use with machined or moulded I/O, power and expansion ports to suit the layout of components on the various boards. All versions are available in translucent blue, grey or black ABS with a satin finish, and are intended for use by both professional developers and hobbyists.

The HAMAR is supplied as standard with four end panels, giving one unit that can be used with the four different Arduino boards. The HAMBB is specific to the BeagleBone Green; the BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black are also supported with individual design-specific enclosures.

The new additions to the family give Hammond a comprehensive range, supporting 16 different designs of Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone, Freescale and Intel Galileo development boards. The traditional base and lid designs provide good mechanical protection combined with easy access for external interconnects.

Published in Dataweek