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MOV 10MM 11VAC-RMS 14VDC 0,05W 3J-10/1000us [ZOV10D180K]
MOV 10MM 11VAC-RMS 14VDC 0,05W 3J-10/1000us [ZOV10D180K] MOV 10MM 11VAC-RMS 14VDC 0,05W 3J-10/1000us [ZOV10D180K]


Zinc Oxide MOV Metal Oxide Varistor
MOV 10MM 11VAC-RMS 14VDC 0,05W 3J-10/1000us
Part No: ZOV10D180K
1.64 ZAR
for 1 Each
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ZOV varisotrs are nonlinear 2-electrode semiconductor voltage-dependant resistors, which are designed for transient voltage suppression and surge energy absorption.


  • Large absorbing transient energy capability
  • Very short response time
  • Low Clamping ratio and no follow-on current
  • High resistance Insulation Material prevents the electric arching to the adjacent devices

Additional Information

Size 10mm
Max Allowable ACrms Voltage (V) 11V
Max Allowable DC Voltage (V) 14V
Varistor Voltage @1mA (V) 18V
Max Peak Current @8/20uS (A) 500A
Max Energy 10/1000 uS (J) 2.1
Rated Power (W) 0.05W
Typical Capacitance @ 1kHz (pF) 5600F

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